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Lessons From Scaling a Multi-Location Aesthetic Business with Dr. Justin Harper of Juvly Aesthetics

November 23, 2021

Why is establishing a clear vision critical to successfully scaling your business?

To scale or not to scale?

On today’s episode, I had the chance to unpack the answer to this question with Dr. Justin Harper who is the founder of Juvly Aesthetics, the Aesthetic Record and the Aesthetic Next Conference.

During this conversation, Dr. Harper and I chat about:

✔️ The difference between building an aesthetic business that can scale versus the boutique solo location model.
✔️ Why establishing a clear vision is a critical component to successfully scaling your business.
✔️ The challenges of growing a loyal and effective team.
✔️ Why he decided to go all in on developing the Aesthetic Record medical spa software.
✔️ Why the Aesthetic Next conference is committed to helping the aesthetic industry improve, grow and succeed.
✔️ And SO much more. Enjoy!


Juvly Aesthetics Website:
Learn about the Aesthetic Record:
Find out about the 2022 Aesthetic Next Conference:
Connect with Dr. Harper on Instagram: @drjustinharper
Connect with Dr. Harper on LinkedIn:

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