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MAKEOVER YOUR MENU: Makeover your menu and design premium signature packages branded mini offers (so that your patients get outstanding transformations while you increase your sales).

PROMOTIONAL LAUNCH CALENDAR: Plan, launch and sell your first branded comprehensive package using our promotional launch plan to maximize sales and visibility (yes, we help you create the content!). Plus, map out your 12-month promotional calendar using our simple promo system.

ELEGANT MARKETING ECOSYSTEM: Create an elegant marketing funnel and content ecosystem that ensures all roads lead to your comprehensive solutions and unique, elevated offers.

SIGNATURE SELLING SYSTEM: Discover how to effectively fuel sales for your med spa offers every month consistently without hustling.

The Med Spa Advantage is a 6-month program where we will:

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***For Med Spa Owners who carry injectables and lasers watch the below video to see how we can help you scale with premium aesthetic packages***

We work with you individually to strategically position, price and map out your menu and premium aesthetic packages so that it captures your med spa’s unique expertise and goals.

We provide social media and email content for your first promotional launch campaign, so that you can hit the ground running with a cash-injection into your business right away.

We teach you how to grow your med spa with a very patient-centric approach. The goal is to increase your revenue by increasing the amount of patient transformations. We believe it’s possible to have a heart-centered approach to selling that isn’t focused on “upselling,” “downselling” or “cross-selling,” but has your patients’ best interests at heart.

We offer an insane level of support through weekly coaching calls, personalized feedback on your offers and marketing and even 1:1 calls when you’re onboarded. We also provide an SEO and Google My Business audit to ensure your ranking for what it is that you do in your local area. You will be surrounded by other med spa and aesthetic practice owners working toward their ambitious goals in our exclusive group.

The Med Spa Advantage is like no other program in the medical aesthetics industry.

Want to get 5-10 premium aesthetic package sales that range in price from $3000-$10,000 in the next 30 days? Book a call to see if it makes sense to partner with us.