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Building a Million Dollar Business You Love with Becca Pike of Massage Strong

November 16, 2021

In this episode of the podcast, I’m sharing an interview I recently had with Becca Pike of Massage Strong and Hell Yes Coaching.

Becca and I actually work with the same business coach. She was recently interviewed on her podcast as well and when I heard Becca’s story I knew I wanted to invite her to come on the podcast.

Becca is the founder of a successful multi-location massage studio called Massage Strong based in Kentucky. We spend the first part of the interview unpacking her story and background in growing Massage Strong while also being a mom to 4 kids.

Becca shares her philosophy and strategy around scaling her studios to where she ultimately was able to remove herself from working inside the room as a massage therapist to launch a second business helping other business owners and entrepreneurs through her coaching business Hell Yes Coaching.

I think you’re going to appreciate Becca’s energy and no fluff attitude during this honest conversation about building a business that you can eventually work less in while scaling your revenue and team. Enjoy.


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