The Med Spa CEO

Building a Successful Brow Empire with Melissa Pruett

September 22, 2020

What does it really take to become THE go-to place in town?

Today we are chatting with Melissa Pruett, founder of MELT by Melissa in Scottsdale (soon opening their second location in Phoenix), a self-care studio focused on Brows, Microblading, Skin, Lash services as well as an Academy for training aestheticians on the art of brows and lash extensions.

In this episode Melissa and I discuss:

  • How she ended up starting MELT and what her first few years in business were really like.
  • Melissa’s best advice for new aestheticians looking to grow their expertise and clientele.
  • Being good at delivering a service is one thing, BUT being able to lead a team, wear a CEO hat AND teach/coach others to deliver that service are other skills entirely. Melissa discusses what leadership means to her and how she’s been able to grow such a kick-butt team for MELT.
  • This entrepreneurship gig ain’t for the faint of heart. Melissa shares why her personal development journey has gone hand-in-hand with her business growth.

Fave quote: “If you want to be in the top 5%, you have to be willing to do what 95% of others aren’t willing to do.” ~Melissa Pruett

Where to connect with Melissa and her team:

MELT by Melissa website:

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