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July 20, 2021

Today we’re going to talk about how you can create a plan that you can actually stick to

Today we’re going to talk about how you can create a plan that you can actually stick to so that consistent social media planning and posting feels effortless and fulfilling.

Whether that’s Instagram or somewhere else.

Topics discussed in this week’s episode:

✔️ We’re going to chat about “Why” it’s so hard to show up. Because the first step is actually recognizing WHY you’re not showing up consistently.
✔️ Why social media is so worth it and the one mindset shift you likely need to make in order to actually commit to it over the long-term.
✔️ Strategies for creating a social media and marketing plan that feels simple, doable and dare I say, FUN. It’s totally possible my friend.
✔️ Why I think content pillars are dead and what to do instead to actually stand out in your market AND, most importantly, become the ultimate resource for your followers and community.
✔️ Share some growth strategies that are working in 2021 that have nothing to do with posting consistently or hashtags. Because, quite frankly, those don’t work for real growth like they used to.

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The New Rules for Marketing Your Aesthetic Business
(So that you can double your business without overwhelm, stress or feeling like you have to sacrifice your personal life.)

Here’s what you’ll learn:

✔️ The critical mental mistake EVERY aesthetic business owner makes and WHY it’s costing you major profits (and sanity)! (This simple shift will forever change how you show up in your business.)

✔️ The SECRET to actually stand out in your market so that you become the GO-TO spa, med spa or aesthetic expert in your area. (This isn’t your typical “craft your ideal customer avatar” or “establish your content pillars” type of secret.)

✔️ My 3-step process for building a profitable marketing plan that’s simple, doable and sets the foundation for growing a team and expertise beyond just your own booked services. (This process guarantees that your business will be set up for SUSTAINABLE growth over the long term.)

✔️ The coaching tool I use with my private clients to eradicate overwhelm, exhaustion, confusion and analysis paralysis FOR GOOD. (For those of you ready to go from just a practitioner to true leadership in your business and life.)

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