The Med Spa CEO

Services vs. Ecommerce vs. Digital Products: Which Business Model is Best?

March 2, 2021

Today’s episode has been a long time coming. Even pre-pandemic this was a topic I have been asked about and a topic I have a unique perspective on because of my experience in all three of the business models I’m going to be chatting about today.

Back in 2009 when my first daughter was a baby I decided to stay home for the first year of her life because the Med Spa I was working at decided to close its doors during my maternity leave when the 2008 crash happened. About barely a year into my stay-at-home motherhood I knew I didn’t want to continue to stay-at-home without having at least a virtual side hustle so I started investigating opportunities online.  I started seeking out ways to make money that were a bit entrepreneurial and I stumbled across some stories of people having success with ecommerce.

I launched my first products for my ecommerce business shortly thereafter and had some success with it and did hit the six figure in gross sales within the first 12 months. A year or so after this I started consulting and offering some done-for-you funnel help as well and sold packages that were in the north of 5-figure range. A year or so after that started launching digital products and have sold into the 6-figures with online courses and digital products as well. The reason I’m giving you some metrics is that I am going to give you my personal opinion based on my experience comparing selling higher end services to ecommerce products to selling virtual + digital products.

Today I want to chat about each business model type and tell you what I think are the pros and cons of each so you can make your own decision on which may be a fit for adding in to your current business model.

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