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How to Use IG Stories to Create a Library of Binge-Worthy Content

July 8, 2020

I had a Socialite ask this question a few weeks ago – and, for those of you that are new around these parts, The Skin Socialite is our monthly social media subscription membership for aesthetic businesses:

Her question: What’s the point of Stories? Seems like a waste of time if they disappear in 24 hours?

I thought this was such a great question that I decided to devote an entire podcast episode to it.

Now before I go too far down the rabbit hole into today’s topic. I want to invite you all to follow us over on our brand new IG It’s brand new and we’ll be sharing additional tips and strategies over there. Plus, you’ll get to watch us start, create and grow an account from scratch.

Here’s what we uncover in this episode:

First, we chat about my philosophy regarding posts in your feed verse content on your Stories. How you should think about both of these areas very differently.

Next we unpack some tips for strategically using Stories (and more specifically Highlights) to actually create a library of binge-worthy content that will become not only a resource for your followers but a lighthouse directing all of your Story content.

Finally, we talk about how to connect your feed content to your Stories content and how the two can really complement each other…creating a holistic ecosystem for your Instagram account.

We hope you enjoyed this episode CEO’s!

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