The Med Spa CEO

Building an Unstoppable Team with Juli Rogerson from Quartz Mind, Body + Skin

April 28, 2023

Today I’m thrilled to introduce you to another one of our Med Spa Advantage clients, Juli Rogerson of Quartz Mind, Body + Skin Clinic which is located in Surrey, British Columbia just outside of Vancouver.

We unpack a lot in this episode

✔️ We talk about Juli’s entrepreneurial journey and how Quartz came to have 4 founders.
✔️Juli shares what it was like in the first few months of opening their clinic – the mistakes they made and what smart decisions they made at the same time.
✔️She talks about growing and managing their team members and how her team members’ sales have just skyrocketed in recent months.
✔️ She unpacks some of their marketing and promotions and what’s working right now in their practice.
✔️ We talk about this and so much more.

I think you’re going to love this conversation. Enjoy!

✔️You can find Juli over at
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