The Med Spa CEO

2021 Marketing Trends and Predictions

January 28, 2021

Today we’re going to chat about my top 2021 marketing predictions and trends I see having prominence this year.

2020 wasn’t your average ordinary run of the mill year.

It was a doozy. And it has globally changed the trajectory of how many of us work, consume, play, learn, entertain…to name just a few things affected.

Some of these affects will likely be temporary and some will have a permanent lasting effect on the way we do business. With that in mind, I want to share what I think will be popular and effective marketing strategies this year.

Tune in to dive into my Top 7 Predictions in marketing for 2021 and beyond to learn how you can best position yourself in front of your clients and potential clients in the coming year.

Overall, I’m super optimistic about the potential for 2021 to be a breakthrough year for many of you. Those of you who have already embraced social media marketing and are working on an online education component will really reap the benefits this year in particular.

And those of you who haven’t quite yet, now is the time! Believe it or not the online landscape as a marketing and business growth channel is still in its infancy.

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