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The Med Spa CEO Podcast helps boutique, results-driven med spa and aesthetic practice owners grow profits without the nights and weekends.

Raise a toast to perseverance and the path to profitability.

Our mission is to equip med spa owners to provide abundantly for their families, have time to enjoy their lives, and deliver exceptional results and experiences for the patients.

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#157.         //   Profitable Patient Ecosystem

We're talking about why focusing on getting more customers/patients in the door isn’t the best growth strategy.

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#134.         //   Building an Unstoppable Team with Juli Rogerson

Juli shares what it was like in the first few months of opening their clinic – the mistakes they made and what smart decisions they made at the same time. 

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#124.         //   Becoming Competition Proof

Discover how to become competition proof so that you don't have to worry about being price-shopped or losing patients to the new med spa down the street.

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