The Med Spa CEO

Shifting Your Marketing – Scaling Your Team Series 3

February 3, 2022

Today is the third episode in a special series I’m hosting on the podcast titled “Scaling a Team.”

In this series, we’ve been discussing the three vital shifts you will need to make in order to successfully scale your team. What I’ve discovered over the last year is that for the most part the majority of my audience either has a team, wants a team or has thought about growing a team. Even for the solo aesthetician or solo nurse/pa/clinician injector when I unpack this question most say they’d like to do it and for those that waver it’s usually either because of a limiting belief or how daunting they perceive growing a team might be. BUT either way the shifts I’m going to share with you apply if you’d like to scale your business…period.

Now if you haven’t had a chance to listen to episode #1 – Shifting Your Identity or episode #2 Shifting Your Marketing, then I do recommend going back and listening to both those episodes first… as each of these episodes build upon each other.

The three vital shifts we will be unpacking in the series are:

#1 Shift in your identity
#2 Shift in your delivery
#3 Shift in your marketing

Today we are talking about the third vital shift you will need to make in order to scale your team which is a shift in your marketing.


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