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July 21, 2022

Patient-centric selling and marketing is totally possible for you.

If you struggle to consistently market your med spa, or think that “selling” is slimy: it’s likely because you need a shift in how you think about marketing.

Tune in to this episode of this podcast to learn how to take a heart-centered relationship marketing approach to your marketing strategy.

Patient-centric selling and marketing is totally possible for you.

Listen in to learn more…


✔️ On August 4th, I’m hosting a brand new, advanced training for med spa owners looking to scale with high-ticket aesthetic packages

This exclusive training is for those who want to shift their med spa menu away from one-off services and products toward selling high-ticket aesthetic packages so that they can grow patient transformations while growing profits.

Plus you’ll have a chance to ask me your questions directly, live.

This is an advanced training for serious med spa owners …so there’s a super short form to fill out to get your invitation (it’s just 2 questions plus your contact info, and takes about 2 minutes to fill out).

You can go to to learn more and join me during this private training, The Art of Selling High-Ticket Aesthetic Packages on July 28th. There will be a live Q & A with me and an opportunity to ask me questions directly as well. I hope to see you there.

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