The Med Spa CEO

Habits of 7-figure MDs: Taking Actionable Steps Toward Achieving Goals

May 16, 2019

Join me as I chat today with my special guest, Kaeli Lindholm, the President and Founder of KLC Consulting. KLC Consulting is an aesthetic practice development company dedicated to the success of industry physicians and their patients, as well as medical device corporations, their employees, and their customers. As a leading expert in practice development, KLC Consulting builds creative product launch plans and marketing strategies to achieve both short and long-term revenue goals.
Kaeli and I discuss her e-book coming out titled 7 Habits of 7-figure MDs, which helps motivated physicians take actionable steps toward achieving their goals. Kaeli found that practices who succeed and those which fail could be separated into two different categories:
1. Their practice is propelled by their motivation for growth.
2. Their practice is stunted by their fear of failure.
The qualities that separate 7-figure medical doctors from others is their ability to credit the exceptional qualities of their leaders. There are specific characteristics that could be learned to achieve their ultimate goals.
Habit #1: They have a high EQ. EQ is the ability to understand other people, what motivates them, and how to work with them. This is important because they need to identify with their patients. People with high EQ tend to have these five traits:
1. Self-awareness
2. Self-control
3. Empathy
4. Compassion
5. Social skills
The doctor needs to earn the patient’s trust while setting expectations. For instance, if a patient has an adverse reaction to anesthesia, the doctor will take all proper measures to provide treatment. However, the doctor does not calm the patient or install a sense of confidence and does not pay attention to their emotions. The high EQ doctor may not be quite as experienced, but may be more comforting.
Habit #2: Relentless conviction. These 7-figure doctors have a contagious energy. Some may perceive it as ego, but Kaeli sees it as a level of confidence.
Habit: #3: They set financial goals but do not always measure in dollars. What are you looking to achieve and how are you going to communicate these goals to everyone in your life? Look at ways to accomplish the goals rather than setting the dollar amount. Begin with the end in mind.
Most practices do not set goals. Their goals are to make their patients happy and to grow their practice. The ones that do set a financial goal will help them put strategies and communication tactics into place.
For example, set a goal for $100,000 per month on non-surgical laser treatments. To do this, the practice would need at least thirty patients, and they know it will take at least $600 to attract, convert, and close each patient. Doing the math backwards will let you know how much you need to spend to gain each patient.
Habit #4: They nurture their personal brand. They believe that their business will progress as they evolve as individuals. Not in an egotistical way, but a very humble way. Everything that these doctors do as it relates to staff, patients, and business interactions are things that relate back to their brand.
Plus, they have a routine that helps improve physical and mental fitness. This is essential to control stress and anxiety while providing clarity and focus. 7-figure doctors invest in personal development.
Habit #5: They have an attitude of gratitude. Great things in life and business are not accomplished by one person. Three tenants are always front of mind:
1. Team – understanding how crucial it is to trust and embrace the team.
2. Diversity – embracing the diverse background of others in the workplace.
3. Humility – taking pride in work but being humbled by success.
Habit #6: Habitually learning. Regardless of their level of experience, 7-figure doctors are investing time in learning new techniques, innovation, and approaches. Younger doctors will ask to spend time with more senior and established doctors. While on the other hand, the more experienced doctors are spending time with younger doctors to learn about new technologies and innovative methods.
Habit #7: They work within their zone of genius. They delegate and outsource to a team around them to manage the other operations of their practice. They lead the ship but manage the different touch points of what is necessary to run a thriving practice.

What you will learn:

● Why the secret to success is having support
● How habitually learning will set you apart from those staying stagnant in their practice
● Setting goals will give you tangible action steps to take your practice to the next level
● How to have an attitude for gratitude